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Uemura 177 27.5++
Uemura 177 26 Fat Lauf
Ueumura 26 Fat 4.4 & 4.8
Uemura 177 Front Lauf
Uemura 177 Custom Anodize

The Uemura 177

The Uemura (named after Naomi Uemura, a great Japanese explorer) is Funk’s newest addition to our lineup.  This is a lively, fun, go anywhere titanium fat bike that will make you smile from the first time you ride it!  Built around a 177 rear axle, the bike can take up to a 4.6 rear tire (depending on rim width).  It is based around a 100mm bottom bracket shell, allowing our customers to maintain a reasonable q-factor on those long adventures.  Additionally, this bike is built standard with sliders, giving the rider the ability to fine tune the chain stay lengths based on the tire / rim combination, as well as to run it single speed!  We believe you will find this bike has a home on dirt, snow, sand and everything in between!  If you want to ride what our frame builder Craig Sata rides, then you want this bike in your arsenal!


  • 44mm Headtube

  • 100mm English Threaded Bottom bracket

  • 30.9 mm seatpost

  • 12 x 177 TA dropouts

  • Welded water bottle bosses

  • Titanium Sliders

  • Hand-made brushed white-bronze Funk head-badge

  • Media blasted finish with brushed FUNK decals  (see example here)

  • Clearance for tires up to 4.5″ (depending on the rim size).


  • Uemura frameset pricing: $3795

  • Complete builds start at ~$6000.  A sample build sheet can be found here.  NOTE:  Funk Cycles can work with many customer choices on the build.  Contact us for more details.


This is the standard Uemura geometry chart; custom geometry is encouraged and available upon request at no additional charge.

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Uemura 177 Seat Tube Cluster
Uemura 177 Brushed Finish
Custom Blast Stencil
Uemura 177 Sliders
Uemura 177 Brace
Custom Funk Stencil
Uemura 177 Bottom Bracket Junction
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