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Meet The Team



Craig is the frame builder and main point of contact here at Funk Cycles. He has over 15 years of experience building with titanium, and has built every Funk customer frame since 2009. Craig delivers uncompromising quality and attention to detail which he puts into every frame that he builds. Craig handles all parts of the construction, from customizing the geometry to suit each individual customer, to fabrication and welding.



Matt has been involved with Funk Cycles since 2012, leading, organizing, and representing the race team.  Starting in 2020 Matt is now mainly focused on marketing assistance and business operations.  Matt has a true passion for Funk, the sport of cycling and its community.



Daryl has been designing and building bikes since the ’80s, and founded Funk Cycles back in 1989. Daryl was an early pioneer in the use of titanium flex plates to provide rear suspension; our efficient and elegant La Ruta design is the culmination of that work. Today, he divides his time between Funk and his philanthropic work with Zambikes and

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