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Whistle Pig Type R

Compliance and Rigidity Come Together for Bliss!

Whether it's climbing steep tarmac or descending narrow, washboard gravel roads, the Funk Whistle Pig type R excels.  It's the one bike that can do it all!  It's super comfortable on the street as well as comfortable on the dirt.  The Whistle Pig has a little slacker head tube, a little longer top tube, and uses a little shorter stem for all day comfort.

Whistle Pig Type S

Comfort and Performance for the Longer Adventures!

For really rough terrain, the Whistle Pig type S comes with a geometry correct frame that accepts the new Fox AX fork.  After riding this bike, you'll experience a new dimension in downhill speed as well as exceptional comfort that's hard to describe!


All of the great features of the Whistle Pig type R remain.

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Curves with Meaning!

​The Versa is our gravel / road bike that leverages our unique 6Al/4V titanium flex plate and curved seat stays to deliver a “passive compliance” ride for the gravel or rough pavement road.  The sweeping curved top tube accompanied by the arching seat stays blends some of the classic designs of yesteryear into today’s more modern styling.

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