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Curtana Side
Curtana Downtube
Curtana Front View
Curtana Flex Plate

The Curtana

The Curtana is a fast and agile titanium cyclocross bike, with graceful flowing lines, that can stand up to a lifetime of mud and ice. The oversized top tube, down-tube, and head-tube, create a stiff and lively platform for efficient power transfer and precise handling. The 6Al/4V titanium blade chainstay yoke provides great lateral stiffness and increases compliance and rear wheel traction. The curved top tube provides s a clean look, and makes for easy shouldering. The steering geometry is designed to make the bike nimble enough to race, but stable enough to provide confidence when your hands are numb and your teeth are chattering.


  • 44mm Headtube

  • 68mm English Style Threaded Bottom Bracket

  • 6Al/4V “blade” chainstay yoke

  • 30.9 mm seatpost

  • 142X12 dropouts

  • Welded water bottle bosses

  • Post-mount rear brake

  • Hand-made brushed white-bronze Funk head-badge

  • Media blasted finish with brushed decals


  • Curtana frameset pricing: $3795

  • NOTE:  Funk Cycles can work with many customer choices on the build.  Contact us for more details.

  • Media blast satin frame, brushed decals are standard

  • Hand-brushed finish with blasted or vinyl decals $300

  • Customized decals / artwork / anodizing starting at $75


This is the standard Curtana geometry chart; custom geometry is encouraged and available upon request at no additional charge.

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Curtana Flex Plate
Curtana Internal Routing
Curtana Seat tube cluster back
Curtana Seat tube cluster front
Curtana Front View
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